The Musician of musicians!

!!! IMPORTANT – Read this first !!!

I first heard the name “MDR” during my childhood days. During that period, I had a chance to interact with few music fans who were crazy about MDR. At that time, I had no interest in Carnatic music, but their discussions – on his unique “style” of music and how he was different from others – captured my attention.

I started listening to Carnatic music much later – it started with audio cassettes of stalwarts like SSI, MSS, Maharajapuram Santhanam etc. My first chance to attend a live concert came few years later. I was lucky to start my live concert experience with SSI! Soon, I also started listening to the “new generation” singers of that time, like Sanjay, TMK, Sudha Raghunathan, Nithyasree etc and some (relatively) “old timers” like M Balamuralikrishna, T N Seshagopalan etc.

It was after few years of hearing this “regular” carnatic music that I had my first  exposure to MDR’s music. It was a “vAtApi gaNapatim“, in which he just tossed around the lyrics in his own inimitable style. At that time, his style felt “funny” to me and I was thinking “How can someone sing like this?”. Nevertheless, this generated an interest in me to hear more of MDR, not necessarily because of my immediate appreciation of his music, but more due to my curiosity to check how he is going to “treat” other krutis. But, as I heard more and more, my attitude toward his music started changing slowly and I started to appreciate the nuances of his music. His voice, the slow pace of renditions, the way he used and enhanced sAhitya, the quirks during the performances (like long pauses or impromptu interactions) etc. started to make sense.

[PS: MMI and Madurai Somu were two other musicians, whose renditions also started appearing more and more in my playlists during this time!]

Repeated hearing of MDR’s performances started triggering some interesting thoughts about his approach to music and I started looking at his music with a fresh attitude. This site is the compilation of some of those thoughts and is my tribute to the “Musician of musicians” who took me from the “crowded beaches” to the “deep waters” of music and helped me to appreciate music from a different perspective.

Dedicated to MDR on his birthday…


[ This website was released on 20th May 2020, on his date of birth, as my tribute to the maestro! ]